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 The Rules of ACW

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PostSubject: The Rules of ACW   Tue Feb 03, 2009 5:24 pm

If you break any rules, you will get 3 WARNINGS.
If you break any rules after the 3 Warnings given, it will result in a temporary Ban (If not Serious) and lifetime Ban (If Serious)

The Rules Are:


2. NO Advertising

3. NO Inappropriate Language - Only In Sections That Allow It

4. 2-3 Sentence Rule - Let's Make Our Discussions Longer

5. RESPECT All Staff Members and Users

Consequences for Breaking These Rules:

1. Warning #1

2. Banned

3. Warning #2

4. Warning #1

5. Temporary Ban or Warning #3


As you see there is Warning #1, #2, #3 and Temporary Ban and Banned.
If you get Warning #1 x3 you will be temporary banned, but it depends what it is.
When and IF you get Warning #3, I would suggest being very nice to the Moderators and following our RULES not to get a ban.
As you can also see if you advertise anywhere on this forum that you will be Permanently Banned.
If you talk back or don't listen to a staff member of ACW then you will be either Temporary Banned or get a Warning #3, but it depends on the content that you have written.

After each month your Warnings will be erased and started at 0 again.

Chairman of ACW

Superstar: The Rock
Accomplishments: 1x World Champion (Current)

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The Rules of ACW
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