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 The Wrestling God has Arrived!

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Just Starting Out
Just Starting Out

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PostSubject: The Wrestling God has Arrived!   Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:29 pm

*JBL's Music plays as he goes down to the ring with the fans booing him and yelling bad stuff at him*

*The fans start chanting "You Suck, You Suck, JBL Sucks" as JBL steps inside the ring and get's a microphone and starts to speak*

JBL: SHUT UP! ........ You should Respect ME! I am your Wrestling GOD! I have seen that The Rock has made his comeback into Wrestling and I don't really care about it as, he is worthless and I am a multi - millionaire. The Rock might excite you and get's you "Pumped Up" But that is not what real wrestling is about. Wrestling is about 2 men in there fighting in that square circle to make a living. NOT come out here and be like "THE ROCK" who is just playing with you to get a bigger paycheck!

*The Fans boo JBL and start chanting "Rocky, Rocky..."

JBL: For Me, I don't need to get a bigger paycheck, as if the bank could hold all that money. Does anybody know what the A in ACW stands for. I thought so, It stands for All-Star, and that is why I am here. The Rock is a low class star that I shouldn't even be working with. And that other punk, Triple H thinking he is the best around here because he has a championship around his waist. I say that The Rock and Triple H are one of the worst wrestlers out there, and I should know since I am, The Wrestling GOD! You don't deserve to see me as champion, but you do deserve to see me as Champion!

*JBL then raises his arms and steps out of the the ring the fans still booing and starting to chant, Rocky as he leaves without looking back at the Arena or the ring*
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The Wrestling God has Arrived!
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