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Alpha Championship Wrestling
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 Welcome to Alpha Championship Wrestling!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Alpha Championship Wrestling!   Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:05 pm

Welcome to ACW, Alpha Championship Wrestling!

My name is Axx, and I'm the Chairman
of ACW, the newest and most realistic e-Fed out there today! Not only can you create your own Superstar and compete head to head for fame and glory, but you can also relive it!

The Application process it fairly simple:

If you seem eligible, you will be signed to our roster, and compete on our show, Lockout. In order to move up in the world of ACW, you MUST PROMO OR ROLEPLAY. Theirs no other way. You do good promo's, you get good matches.

You become good enough, and you can get a Title Shot.

ACW has one thing that makes it completely different than a lot of other e-Feds:
Lockout is both written AND PERFORMED LIVE IN SMACKDOWN VS RAW 2010!!!!

See other posts for more info!

ACW Chairman
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Welcome to Alpha Championship Wrestling!
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